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Installing and setting up Orion is outside of the scope of this document. Please, ensure that a working copy of Orion is already available.

Note, there may be several alternative ways to deploy an EAR file on the server, and below is just one of the alternatives.

Steps To deploy Datamata SQL Portal on Orion:

  • Download Datamata SQL Portal distribution ZIP file and save it as {ORION}/applications/datamata.ear.

    {ORION} refers to the root directory where Orian server is installed.

  • Modify {ORION}/config/server.xml file to include the following tag
    <application name="datamata"

    anywhere inside the <application-server> tag.

  • Modify {ORION}/config/default-web-site.xml file to include the following tag
    <web-app application="datamata"

    anywhere inside the <web-site> tag.

  • Start the server and access Datamata SQL Portal at:

    {server_url} refers to the usual server address and port.
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