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Datamata SQL Portal implements two roles: users, who access the databases, and administrators, who configure and manage such access. These roles are supported by the following feature sets:

Users Can

  • browse database objects through a GUI folder-tree interface;

  • enter and execute SQL statements in the SQL Pad. Browse and export execution results;

  • browse and execute database stored procedures;

  • browse, query, modify, and export data in a graphical manner through the data maintenance form. No SQL knowledge is required;

  • change password, which will be encoded and completely confidential.
  • Administrators Can

  • do all Datamata SQL Portal administration from any web browser, from anywhere on the Internet. All changes are effective immediately and there is never a requirement to restart the server;

  • add new and remove old database connections in real time;

  • organize connections in connection groups, when a large number of databases is present;

  • create and maintain user groups. Assign database access permissions to user groups;

  • create and maintain user accounts. Assign direct database permissions to users, or assign users to user groups from which the permissions will be inherited, or both;

  • monitor active user sessions;

  • monitor connection pool with an option to close connections.
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