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Datamata SQL Portal is designed for enterprise environment, which requires maximum degree of compatibility to other technologies:
  • Cross system compatibility

      Datamata SQL Portal can be deployed on any computing system Java Platform is available for. This allows businesses to deploy Datamata on virtually all systems including: Windows, Linux, Solaris, and others.

  • Cross server compatibility

    Datamata SQL Portal runs on a variety of most popular Java J2EE compatible servers, including: WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle OC4J, Orion, Sun Java Server, Orion, JBoss, and Tomcat. This allows clients to leverage existing J2EE technology investments and expertise. Datamata can run side by side with other products on the same server. Alternatively, an open source free server can be setup to run the application.
  • Cross database compatibility

    Datamata SQL Portal uses JDBC technology to connect to databases. JDBC standard enjoys wide global acceptance and there is a variety of available drivers for all existing database products. Clients can be assured: their databases are compatible with Datamata.
  • Cross browser compatibility

    On client side, Datamata SQL Portal can be accessed through MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla web browsers. This covers virtually all enterprise quality browsers, giving clients option to connect to Datamata from virtually any computer setup.
  • Browser plugins compatibility

    Datamata SQL Portal does not use Java Applets or any other plugins. Clients are not dependent on particular computer's ability to run client side Java or any other software.
  • Firewall compatibility

    Datamata SQL Portal uses nothing but the simplest Internet HTTP protocol. This means it will work with any firewall, which allows basic web pages. It is as simple as this: if one can browse Web, one can access Datamata SQL Portal.
  • Security/SSL compatibility

    Datamata SQL Portal relies on J2EE server security configuration. All servers supported by Datamata can be setup to run SSL - the Internet standard for secure access. In this case clients will enjoy the most secure access today's technology has to offer.
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