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Datamata SQL Portal is a database management tool for IT teams. It is a server side product, which provides easy to use, secure SQL access to all project databases for all project members from a single web location. Try product online here.

  • Datamata solves the problem of providing the entire team with instant SQL access to all database resources in a cost efficient manner.

  • By its web nature Datamata SQL Portal saves money on remote access. When on the road or at home, if needed, databases are still just one browser click away.

  • By providing generic maintenance forms to query and modify data, Datamata SQL Portal reduces training requirements for less technical users. It also increases productivity for those who are good with SQL, but have to do a lot of data entry.

  • Datamata SQL Portal increases security, acting as a database firewall. Users do not have to know many database passwords. They login once to Datamata, which provides controlled access to connected databases.

  • Finally, Datamata SQL Portal drastically saves money on total cost of ownership of database management tools. Installation and maintenance can be done on a single server, by a single person for the benefit of the entire team.

  • Datamata SQL Portal is a must-have tool on any sizable IT project.

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